Aarp is a mission in which the membership is allowed for any person who has crossed 50 or above.This is open group in the unitedstates.The main theme behind forming this group is to let the aged people to lead their rest of life with dignity and to fulfill their goals and dreams.This AARP is completely working for ensuring the best quality of life for the aged people.Their main aim was to preach the postive social changes and to impart the knowledge to the existing members via information,advocacy and through services also.Totally AARP has 35 million members in it.This group is the top organisation which has been working for nonprofit and nonpatisan. The services provided by the AARP to their members are as follows:

1.This group imparts the information which is useful this particular age group of people.
2.It also gives the information regarading the customer,legislative and also on the legal issues.
3.This group also provides the community service.

4.This group also makes available of both special products and services to its members.

As this group offers membership for people who are above 50 ,nearly quarter of the population in US are currently the members of AARP.Since the membership is not restricted to us ,nearly 40,000 members are present who are are from outside us.People who are willing to join need not have to be retired.