AARP History Review

According to the survey, few of the members are still working parttime as well as full time also. This is reason that the group has changed its name from American Association of Retired people to AARP. And also more than half of the AARP group members are women. First AARP was evolved from National Retired Teachers Association(NRTA). NRTA was established for the requirements of the retired teachers regarding their health insurance and AARP Insurance. Since in those years there did not exist private health insurance for retired people.

In few years AARP has grown and changed rapidly in attaining the social changes, though maintaning faithfully the founding principles :

To promote independence, dignity and purpose for older persons
To enhance the quality of life for older persons
To encourage older people “To serve, not to be served”
The structure of the aarp organisation:
Inorder to fulfill all the requirements of the elder people AARP has organized into a central headquarters, an office in every state. AARP’s national headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.This headquartes permits the staff and volunteer leaders to access to the federal government. National headquarters coordinates the activities of the field operations and state offices, and provides support to the rest of the offices located allover. AARP broadcast activities include radio features in English and Spanish, educational documentaries and TV video news releases.

AARP Foundation programs :

  1. It gives work training program for low-income members who are 55 and above of age. AARP Hotel Discounts Montana offers many discounts to its members.
  2. This group aims in improving the legal hot lines through technical assistance and training.
    3.This also gives training and assistance for aging advocates in elder law and advocacy.
    4.This also gives support for housing counselors in their work with older homeowners seeking reverse mortgages.