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Steps To Take After A Car Accident

A car accident is always an unpleasant experience and can never be anticipated in advance. The financial implications of an accident can be taxing for the driver, if not adequately protected.

However, there are steps that can safeguard you against the legal and monetary ramifications of an accident. As it’s difficult to think and analyze things after an accident, it helps to know what do to after a car accident well in advance.


Firstly, it’s important that you keep an emergency kit in your car. Car survival kits are available commercially and can help greatly till the medical help arrives at the spot. You should also have a pen and notepad in your car to take down the necessary information in case of an accident or other eventuality. Having a mobile phone also helps in immediately contacting your family or calling for medical aid, if necessary.


If the injuries are not serious, then try and move your car out of the way of traffic so that further accidents can be avoided. This is quite common on busy streets. But if you have suffered physical injuries and are not in a position to move your car , then it’s better to stay within your car till help arrives.


Although the trauma of an accident is often very disturbing, one needs to keep the composure to access the extent of damage caused in the accident. It is very important to get the name, telephone, address and driving license of the parties involved in the accident. In addition, information on the make, model and color of the vehicle, the license plate number, particulars of the insurance company and insurance policy can also be helpful. If possible, then take the name and phone of any person who might have been a witness to the accident.


In most accidents, a police officer visits the scene of accident to prepare an accident report and do the preliminary investigation. You should take the report number from the law enforcement officer. However, if no police officer visits the scene of accident, then make sure that you file an accident report at the nearest police station. Although this may appear trivial, it helps in the process of settling car accident compensation and claims.


Contact your insurance company and inform them about the accident and the car accident report number as soon as possible. Do this even if the accident doesn’t apparently result in any major injuries. Most insurance companies need their clients to report any accident to them. You should update your insurer even if you weren’t responsible for the accident because your premiums won’t be raised if it wasn’t your fault. But failing to report the accident may land you in trouble in future if you were to apply for new insurance policy.


Lastly, you should visit the doctor and get a thorough checkup done after the accident because all car accident injuries don’t usually become evident instantly. A checkup can reveal the extent of damage that you suffered physically , if any , and the early diagnosis can prevent it from becoming a serious injury. By preparing for a car accident you may not be able to stop it from happening , but you can surely be in a better position to react to it and suffer less damages , both physically and financially.

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