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Speeding Ticket Defense Strategies To Help In Traffic Court

A lot of individuals at some point in their driving career will get a speeding violation forone reason or another. Many drivers will simply take these violations and pay it. Many such as not having your license on you or an out of date license plate really can not be fought with any

defense or strategy.

But there are speeding ticket certain defense strategies that can be used for different traffic violations.


One of the more common defense strategies is that you as the driver were not aware of the violation that you were cited for. Bad weather will sometimes blow down stop signs, yield signs, and speeding limit signs. Sometimes people will paint over a speed limit sign or even take the sign. The defense here is that you were not aware of what rule that you happened to break because the county did not have the signs posted the proper way. If this happens to you, get picture or video evidence as soon as you can to defend yourself against the charge.


One other strategy is to research your violation in the area where you received it. For the most part there are different key points that must be proven and a few guidelines for the officer. Look at each one of these and see if all of the procedures were followed correctly and if they will be able to be borne out in traffic court. If you find a mistake with just a single one of these steps, it can be the basis for the defense strategy.


Another strategy is to question the dependability of the radar devices that were utilized to measure your speed if it is a speeding infraction. These devices have to be tested and have documentation at certain time frames. If this documentation isn’t legally up to date, you can use this to get out of the violation as the readings are just unreliable at this point.


Don’t be intimidated to come up with your best defense strategy because the reality of it is that more often than not tickets that are contested in court can get their violation dismissed or at least get a reduced fine.

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