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Save Money On Car Insurance Right Now!

Many people have a love-hate relationship with car insurance; you hate to receive a bill for something you hardly use, but you love it after an unfortunate accident (if you can afford the deductible).

Listed below are tried and true steps that anyone can take to reduce their car insurance premiums.

Multi-Line Discount - a family can save a lot of money by simply putting all cars, motorcycles, homes, and apartments under one insurance provider.


Drive Less - If you were laid off or work from home, tell you agent. The distance that you have to drive varies by agency, but with State Farm you will receive a discount if you drive less than 100 miles per week.


Safe Driving Discount - You might eligible for a discount if you have been free of accidents and tickets for several years.


Increase your deductible - A deductible increased from $250 to $500 can save a family hundreds of dollars a year. However, if you increase your deductible, make sure you have the extra $250 if you have to file a claim.


Comparison shop - Let your agent know that you are looking at other agencies to reduce your monthly premium; it is likely the agent will pull some strings to keep you as a customer. Caution: if you find a better deal, confirm that it is not an introductory price. Many times your premium will increase to what you were paying with your previous insurance agent.


Update agent if you are a parent under the age of 25 - You might receive the same rate reduction given at the age of 25. However, you will not receive another deduction once you turn 25.


Full coverage or liability - An insurance company will not spend more money repairing a car than it is worth. Therefore, check the value of your car using Kelley Blue Book and determine whether full coverage if still needed or if it is best to switch to liability.


Talk to your agent before buying a new car - The shiny red sports car and the gadget filled luxury car might look good on the dealership floor, but the premiums might cost an arm and a leg. Check prices with your insurance agent to help you make the best decision.


Steer clear from short-term policies - You might receive a penalty for purchasing a short-term policy, go with long-term.


Avoid lapses in your insurance - If you let your policy lapse, you are likely to be seen as irresponsible or high-risk. As a result, your policy will be more expensive than it was before to renew.


Don’t insure vehicles you don’t drive - Take the old Chevy that you have been working on for years off your policy. However, some states require that you have any registered vehicle insured, so if you drop insurance you may want to register the vehicle as inoperable” to avoid any complications or penalties.


Refresh your driving skills - some insurance companies offer training courses that can reduce your insurance premiums at the end of the course. There are fees for these courses, so do the math and make sure the training course is worth your money.


Avoid accidents and tickets - Speeding tickets, moving violations, and accidents can substantially increase your rates for at least 3-5 years.


Insure teenager under different car - The cost to insure a teenage driver is insane. If you have the money, purchase a used car for your teenager and only purchase liability; the amount you save will shock you and your teenager will be happy with his/her own car.


Have a high FICA score - Many insurance companies are now factoring in ones credit scores to calculate premium cost. A person with a high credit score is rewarded with a lower premium and a person with a low credit score will be punished with a high premium.


Don’t pay your premiums monthly - I love this money saving tip! Avoid the monthly surcharge fee by paying for your premium semi-annually. Start saving to make the 1st semi-annual payment. Once that payment is made, automatically transfer the amount you would pay into a high-yield savings account to earn interest. When your semi-annual payment is due, withdraw the needed amount from you saving account. The interest you earned is now free money.


Now all you have to do is call your insurance agent and start saving money on your car insurance.

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