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Insurance For Those Owning Kit Cars, Classic Or Imported Cars

Car insurance policies can be perplexing as there are a number of insurance companies offering different types of insurance coverage with different policies. Nowadays the UK insurance companies have broadened themselves to guard against almost any

conceivable risk to a customer.

Among them, insurance cover for those who own Kit Cars, Classic or Imported Cars is one of the insurance types offered by the insurance companies in this country.


If an individual decides to buy a car that has not been manufactured in the UK, he has to venture beyond the normally set boundaries of car insurance. This is because an imported car has been built without taking into account the laid down UK build specifications.


There are different types of imported car insurance depending on where you import it from. For example, if an individual wants to import a Japanese sports car, before investing several thousand pounds on the vehicle, it will be prudent to speak to some insurers first and ascertain how much the insurance will cost.


Also if you own an imported car, then you will normally have to pay a higher premium than a standard car purchased in the UK. To insure an imported car, one has to provide the insurer with detailed information about the vehicle’s specification in order to assess their suitability for the policy.


Generally Classic car insurance will usually covers these three categories - Veteran Cars (built before 1903), Vintage Cars (constructed between 1903 and 1933) and Classics Cars (tend to be at least 15 years old).


The insurance company usually frames an ‘agreed value’ for the vehicle prior to issuing of the policy which is the value the customer will receive in the event of the total loss of the vehicle. Also, the insurer will stipulate the maximum distance that can be travelled in a year. As the condition and scarcity of classic cars differ, it is important that the customer take out a guaranteed agreed valuation while insuring their classic car.


Kit car insurance is different from normal car insurance - the difference being that kit cars are made individually and with parts supplied by a manufacturer. Generally, a kit car is an imitation of a popular car and the manufacturer will supply body parts and the frame kit except an engine, wheels, transmission and other vital parts. If the engine of one’s kit car is small, the insurance premiums will be less.


You can also reduce the insurance premium by garaging the kit car overnight, fitting security devices, and by building up a no claims discount. The main point to be noted while one applies for a kit car insurance is that he has to declare everything about the car – if any information is missed or found wrong, the company may not pay your claim.

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