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How to Prevent Your Car From the Risk of Theft

You are a responsible car owner. You own a good auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage from a reputable company in the event of collision liability or auto theft. While you probably have experienced a car accident, having your car stolen is something you might

imagine as a low possibility.

Unfortunately, car, truck and even motorcycle thefts are a general fact of life. Quotes from numerous victims underscore the need to implement a form of protective plan against the occurrence.


Of course, you probably have been cautioned about all the car theft scenarios before. You know good and well that you should select a well-lit spot for parking. You also know to make sure all car doors and windows are securely locked and never to leave keys dangling inside. But do you know how to really deter the die-hard car thieves?


The following tried and true suggestions may prevent one of the losses you’d never want to deal with.


Four Clever Car-Theft Prevention Tips


• Install lock safety gadgets. These have proved to be well worth the relatively cheap investment in deterring car thievery:


– A hot-wiring prevention steering column collar lock

– Locks that are designed explicitly for the steering wheel, floor board, gear shift, hood, or tires

– Deflators that lock on to your valve stem and rapidly remove air out of tires if your vehicle is driven without deflator-disconnection with a key


• Etch your car with its VIN – vehicle id number. According to experts, cars that have VIN numbers fixed into windshields, windows or other visible spots have less of a car theft risk exposure. That’s because car thieves know vehicles that have a recognizable mark are easily detected by police.


• Add a device that breaks the ignition action for anyone that is not you. This includes incorporating a smart key or a wireless ignition authentication system that must recognize the distinctive radio frequency or computer chip located within your vehicle before starting up. You can also find cheaper gadgets that do this effectively. If you opt for this, hide the on and off controls so a potential thief cannot find them and make off with your car.


• Mount a personalized GPS tracker. This comes with associated software or mobile apps that are set in motion once you pay per month. It sends notifications to your computer or mobile phone, etc. so you know where your vehicle is. Additionally, you can install mechanisms that trace your car either through radio transmission or cell tech that is teamed up with GPS. These can signal a watch center or police headquarters about your vehicle’s location. This method may even allow you to make a remote engine shutdown without incurring damages to your car.


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