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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance!

One of the most important ongoing cost when buying a car is Car insurance. In the UK you should allow for this cost when buying a car because it is a must and you are not allowed on the road without it.

It can be expensive depending on the car you drive and depending on the individual. Being a driver in the UK myself, I have taken the factors in consideration and the way they calculate your car insurance are fairly standard worldwide and the cost will apply to you where ever you live.


The premium the car insurance company will charge you for your annual car insurance cover all depends on the factors they take in account when they the evaluation. When the insurance company evaluate you, they look at some very important facts like, your age, how long you have been driving without any claims, your sex and what you do for a living. I would say the most important factors are your age and your past motoring experience. Some companies might differ but knowing out of experience that most companies focus on your age and past driving experience. Age is important because the younger you are, the more likely you are to get into an accident and being a female is also a bonus because it is proven that more male drivers gets into accidents than females.


People with more driving experience and more years of not claiming from the car insurance company and without receiving police endorsements that relates to situations such as driving without insurance will get a better quote in the process,. Other major factors that will have an effect are speeding, dangerous driving and also if you have been driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs substances


The last factor that will determine your premium at insurance companies are the proof of no claims and your driver experience. We all know to have no no-claims bonus will definitely work agents you in trying to get cheaper car insurance. The best car insurance prices goes to the people that have been driving for many years and in does years they have not claim any money back.


The best premiums go to the people with five years no claims and longer. To get a five year no claims take a long time and some very careful driving!


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Cheap car insurance rate

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