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What is auto insurance, and why do I need it?

Is it possible you have a car that you’ve not used for a long while? Do you have a car that you’ve just forgotten about because of the headaches it gives you or something? Is this car still on your auto insurance policy or have you removed it?

The painful reality is that more people than you could imagine are paying higher rates than they should because of such negligence. I hope this is not the case with you.


A good number of insurance carriers will give you a discount if you are part of an auto club. Even though you shouldn’t look to attract massive discounts for this, every little discount you can garner will add up to much on the long run.


Make sure you do NOT give false details when you complete your forms. False representation is fraud and affects everyone’s auto insurance rates negatively.


Furthermore, an insurer has the right to cancel your policy if you give false details.


I hope you know that this will invariably make you a higher risk and this means you’ll pay more for your next policy. This is partly because of the added cost you’d bear if your policy lapses (which is what would happen if your insurer cancels your policy).


It’s been estimated that insurance fraud adds up to $1,500 to the average family’s insurance premium annually. You can help reduce this to our collective advantage by being truthful when completing your application form and if you ever have to file a claim.


Policyholders who do NOT make claims for up more than 3 years get a No Claims bonus. Here’s a tip: Even though you might have cause to make a claim, don’t if they are minor issues. So check what it will cost you to fix the problem and what you’ll gain with a No Claims discount and choose whichever will serve your best interest.


As an under 25, you can pay cheaper car insurance rates if you use your parents’ policy. The fact that you are of driving age means that your parents belong to a lower risk age group.


To take advantage of this though, you’ll have to live with your parents and also have the car registered in their name. This means that by law they own the car. If the benefits of “independence” outweigh your auto insurance savings then this is certainly not an option for you.

Cheap car insurance rate

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