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Cheaper Car Insurance? Use The Following

Would you like a lower rate while maintaining adequate coverage? Here are things that will help you attract huge discounts without difficulty…

1. A multi-policy discount is one sure way to lower your overall insurance cost. All you have to do to become eligible for this is to buy your vehicle insurance policy from the very insurer that is handling, say, your home owners insurance.


Nevertheless, I must point out that you might not be saving as much as you could by changing to another insurer. Comparison shop with quotes sites and also discuss with your insurance agent. This done, you will be able to say for sure if staying put would save you more.


2. Remaining claims-free will get you a special discount. A number of insurance companies do NOT present this discount without some coercion.


Your agent must be made to understand your displeasure with their refusal to give you such a discount and do NOT forget to stress that you might leave for another insurer. As a matter of fact, you should leave them because you’ll definitely find a better offer with another company if you’ve kept a claims-free status for this long.


And, as a matter of fact, your insurance provider is likely to shift grounds if they discover you are very serious about switching.


3. If you maintain collision and/or comprehensive for an old vehicle that isn’t a classic, then you’re paying way more than is necessary. Your car’s Kelly Blue Book value at point of making claims (and not the cost of the car when you bought it) is what controls what you’ll get paid by an insurance provider. So even if you have paid your premiums faithfully for years but the Kelly Blue Book value says your vehicle is worth nothing, you’ll get nothing from the insurance provider and they’ll be fully covered by the law.


Do the smart thing and drop both from your vehicle insurance policy. You will save much that way.


4. You will get a better rate if you opt for high deductibles. The right approach is to choose the highest deductible that you can pay with relative ease.


I must stress that you’re bound by law to make this amount available whenever you make a claim.


5. Your rate is seriously determined by your total mileage. Therefore do all you can to leave your vehicle wherever you have a good alternative. This is especially recommended for folks who live in cities with advanced mass transit networks.


You can equally bring down your mileage by carpooling.


6. Under-25 drivers pay very high rates. If you belong to this age bracket you can attract cheaper rates if you maintain good grades at school. They call it the good student discount.


This discount is for students who get A’s or a minimum of B’s. This attracts a discount of about five percent. It’s difficult to meet reckless young drivers who keep getting excellent grades.


7. You will save much by visiting at least five quotes sites. That way, you will get the lowest quotes available as five sites will give not less than 25 quotes altogether.

Cheap car insurance rate

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