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Auto Insurance: The Driver’s Guarantee

The insurance of the driver of a vehicle is seldom taken into account during a less serious accident. When you get behind the steering wheel or lend your vehicle to a member of your family or to a friend, you must let your insurer know about it because the responsibility of the

driver becomes important.

In the event of an accident, the responsibility of the driver will be scrutinized by the insurance company with which you signed the contract. If the driver is not responsible for the accident, then he will be indemnified for the other victims. On the other hand, if the driver is guilty, then the insurer may exclude any compensation for his injury. This obviously varies according to the degree of his responsibility in the accident. If the driver dies in the accident, then his family will lose all or part of the compensation.


Consequences of a traffic accident are always terrible on the emotional side, but can become calamitous on the financial aspect. These involve the expenses of hospitalization, and medical expenses, even if we were to exclude the possibility of lose of wages or a job loss. And in the event of death of one of the members of the family, the living standard of other members of his family can deteriorate in a drastic manner.


So, in recent years some auto insurance companies are offering an optional “driver’s security” which provides compensation for certain elements such as temporary or permanent disability, medical expenses and period of hospitalization. Some insurance companies even provide to insure all drivers of the vehicle provided they be allowed.


Check with your auto insurance company and do not neglect this essential aspect of the insurance of the driver. The guarantee of the security of the driver in case of injuries, often secondary, is unfortunately necessary because accidents do not affect only others.

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