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If you’re like millions of other people across the country these days, you may be looking for ways to economize and stretch your dollars. If so, you may want to take a look at direct auto insurance as an alternative to using the traditional insurance agency for insuring your


Would you trade lower rates for dealing with a website rather than a human being? If you are considering direct auto insurance, that’s the question you have to ask yourself. Two factors have combined to create direct auto insurance: no-fault insurance and the Internet. With direct insurance, you deal directly with the insurer rather than through an independent agent. Cutting out the middleman allows direct insurers to offer lower rate. Some provide offices; some are strictly available over the phone or across the Internet.


Many direct auto insurance companies confine their reach to states or localities that mandate some variation on a no-fault insurance system for all drivers. Under no fault programs, the need for insurance agents is greatly reduced. Under no-fault legislation, insurance companies compensate their insured drivers (and the driver’s passengers) for their losses in an accident without the need for an assignment of blame.


Which party pays the cost for damages and losses incurred in a traffic accident is determined by a finding of fault provinces and states without no-fault legislation. As of spring, 2009, there are twelve states in the US with some form of no fault auto insurance; Massachusetts, Minnesota, Utah, California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New Jersey, Hawaii, Florida, Kansas, New York, and Michigan.


The no-fault states, which include the three states with highest populations (New York, California, Florida) enacted no fault legislation in part to simplify and speed payments to accident victims, and in part to reduce the number of time consuming cases in our bulging civil court system. Claims appraising becomes the only bottleneck and no-fault states ease that by instituting approved collision centers. In some jurisdictions the claim centers are government-run.


But for consumers, the real weakness in the direct insurance business model is the position it puts the consumer in when at his/her most vulnerable. The human body is not a machine and evaluations of what it will take to recover from injury are not always reliable, primarily because full recovery, while always the goal, is not always possible. These types of claims are where a good agent is worth their weight in gold. The agent stays up to speed on your condition and navigates you through the claims process.


All things considered, going with a direct auto insurance firm rather than through an insurance agent is a risk - reward question. If you are adequately covered, are the savings worth having to act as your own agent? That is the question you’ll need to ask yourself, but then again, millions of satisfied customers have asked and answered that same question in the affirmative.


Getting auto insurance direct isn’t going to be as cheap as getting it at a thanksgiving sale but you will be able to get a great price. When you go searching for a way to spend the money you save you will wait for the Cyber Monday Sales

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