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Auto Collision Repair Shop: Build A Relationship With Mechanics

What’s the deal with the Auto Body Shops? Everyone might be asking themselves that question. It’s just a matter of knowing what things you should know before you get mad or happy with them

Your car is too important for you, and you should know how to save your money on some items before it’s too late.


I have seen numerous shops with very nice front offices and waiting rooms. These are not dealerships, but independent shops. I think the best way to handle this every changing economy effect on the auto body repair industry is to bond with the customer.


The customer is always right, I know sometimes this is hard to stomach, but unfortunately one happy customer might tell one our two potential or current customers, and an unhappy customer will tell twenty people. And there’s no worst thing for a business than the bad publicity through word of mouth.


The auto owner has certain obligations to their secured interest with a settlement check. An auto owner is obliged to repair their vehicle if that vehicle is leased, if they neglect to repair, they will be charged when the vehicle is turned in. If the auto has a loan, the vehicle repairs can be neglected, but if the vehicle was repossessed, the auto owner would be charged for the damages.


The shop at that time could work out some concessions with the owner, such as usage of alternative parts, does this 2 year old vehicle really need a $400.00 original equipment manufacturer headlamp assembly, or would I be ok, with a $180.00 used (like kind quality) assembly.


As all states have slightly different insurance laws, pertaining to insured’s and claimants, this is just an example. Would I be OK with the usage of a re manufactured bumper cover, used bumper cover, or aftermarket? It would save some money and my vehicle would be repaired and accepted by my lease.


These are all acceptable practices. You as a shop owner or technician, need to make the auto owner understand how important it is to get there car repaired. There could also be numerous safety concerns. The shop needs to explain to the auto owner about hidden damage, and the decline in value of their vehicle.


Even though quality is one of the biggest things you are looking for, you will want to get a good deal. Don’t just choose the first shop that you like. Look around at others and compare all aspects of them and then choose the one you feel is right for you and your vehicle.

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